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Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Specialist

Middle Tennessee Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Out-of-control debts can stress you to the limit. They can affect your relations with family and friends, damage your health and cast a dark cloud over your future.

However, our bankruptcy system provides a means for people to obtain debt relief and a fresh start. Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop foreclosure, repossession, garnishment and collection judgments. They can put an end to harassing calls from creditors and collection agencies. Filing bankruptcy can put you on the road to financial recovery and a better life for you and your family.

Most people who file bankruptcy can keep all of their property. When Wilson Legal Services handles your case, we will work hard to obtain maximum reduction of your debts while enabling you to keep as much property as possible.

Learn More About The Benefits Of Bankruptcy

In a free consultation, Clarksville bankruptcy lawyer Scott D. Wilson can review your situation and explain your debt relief options, which may include:

Chapter 13 bankruptcy — Under Chapter 13, you receive a three- or five-year debt repayment plan. You will make one affordable payment each month. At the end of your repayment period, all remaining unsecured debts (such as credit card debts, medical bills and personal loans) will be completely discharged.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy — This is a debt liquidation program. When the bankruptcy trustee approves your Chapter 7 petition (four to six months after filing), all of your unsecured debts will be completely discharged.

Certain debts cannot be eliminated or reduced under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. You will still owe your student loan debt and child support obligations. However, the extra cash flow will make it much easier to cover payments for those debts as well as your living expenses. You can regain your financial, physical and emotional health — and look forward to a brighter financial future.

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To learn more about filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, contact Wilson Legal Services. We have offices in Clarksville, Nashville and Lebanon.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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