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Stop Foreclosure Lawyer In Middle Tennessee

Helping You Keep Your Home

Foreclosure is a nightmare that can become reality, but only if you fail to take action. If you have fallen behind in your mortgage payments or you have received a foreclosure notice, you should act quickly to obtain legal help.

At Wilson Legal Services, we stop foreclosure and help people keep their homes. When we file your bankruptcy petition, it automatically stops foreclosure, as well as repossession, garnishment and collections actions. The stay can provide us time to develop a debt relief plan designed to reduce your debts to the maximum degree possible.

Get Debt Relief And Peace Of Mind

Homeowners who have unmanageable levels of debt yet still have a regular source of income may be eligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Under Chapter 13, you receive an affordable debt repayment plan that enables you to cover your monthly mortgage payment and payments for your unsecured debts such as credit card debts and medical bills. You can even roll past due mortgage payments into your debt repayment plan. You can get debt relief, regain your financial health and find peace of mind.

Stripping A Second Mortgage

If your home is worth less than the outstanding amount of your mortgage, filing personal bankruptcy can entirely strip away a second and third mortgage. In this situation, junior mortgages are simply liquidated, leaving you free and clear of those obligations.

Want to stop foreclosure? Clarksville attorney Scott D. Wilson can review your situation and explain your debt relief options in a free consultation.

Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer Serving Middle Tennessee

Scott D. Wilson focuses exclusively on the practice of bankruptcy law. As a Certified Bankruptcy Specialist, Scott has a comprehensive understanding of the bankruptcy laws and how to use them to protect the assets of his clients. For results-oriented representation and maximum debt relief, turn to Wilson Legal Services.

Free Consultation With An Attorney

Contact Wilson Legal Services to learn more about stopping foreclosure. We have offices in Clarksville, Nashville and Lebanon, Tennessee, to serve you.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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